Why Platt's

Why choose Platt's?

People in our community have come to know Platt's Funeral Home for our caring professionals and for our quality and value in funeral services. As a family-owned and operated company, we have always strived to help families in any way they need us. That means our help and support continue even after the funeral, cemetery or memorial service ends. We call it PlattinumCare™.

  • Platt's is a full-service funeral home offering two chapels,onsite crematory and cremation services.
  • Our Staff is made up of licensed professional associates who have a combined 175 years of experience.
  • Platt's Funeral Home has been locally owned and operated since 1837.
  • Each of our facilities is open 24 hours 7 days a week.
  • We will handle insurance claims/policies on your behalf for no charge.
  • We specialize in personalizing and customizing services to meet the needs of every family.
  • We cater to all Veterans and different races and religions.
  • We continually attend national seminars and training programs to provide the most current services to our families.
  • There is a notary at each of our chapels to handle your insurance claims or any other needs at no charge.
  • Each Chapel has a full-time funeral arrangement specialist.
  • We have a Service Guarantee stating that if any portion of our services does not meet with the family's approval, that portion will be deducted from the service charges.
  • A 175 year history of commitment to excellence, community and the families we serve.